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Do It Yourself Metal Roofing System

Easy metal roofing link graphic PERMANENT ROOFING SYSTEMS offers a patent pending "Easy-Install" aluminum do it yourself metal roofing system.

Dealers and competent do-it-yourselfers interested in a premium 4-way inter-locking aluminum shingle roofing system that is more secure and designed for easy installation, may take advantage of the PRS "Easy-Install" do it yourself metal roofing system.

After being asked repeatedly, by homeowners wanting to install their own roofs, and dealers wanting a system which could be installed by a competent work crew, to find a simpler system that did not require factory training for certification. Paul Grizenko, president of Permanent Roofing Systems, decided he would find a way to satisfy their requests.

User-friendly easy to install aluminum roofing system

For over a year, and through extensive testing, Paul and his crew designed a more reliable, more secure, easier to install system of starter, flashing, and valleys which are supplied in pre-bent ten foot lengths. These are the keys to a proper installation, and are what makes PRS unique. No other manufacturer can match the innovative design which channels water off the roof. Mr. Grizenko states that the advantage is the strength of the flashing which provides unsurpassed protection against the elements.

Everything is provided

Permanent Roofing Systems offers a complete package: installation video, and all the associated materials on how to install metal roofing. No more running to the hardware store for little extras, and since aluminum is the lightest roofing material, installers no longer will have to lug those heavy bundles up a ladder.

A permanent solution

Homeowners will appreciate the quality, durability, appearance, and maintenance-free benefits of Permanent Roofing Systems’ 4-way interlocking aluminum shingles system. The exclusive flashing system will give their roof outstanding strength and durability. Backed by the manufacturers 50 year non pro-rated warranty will give every homeowner peace of mind, and every dealer years of referals.


From their own experiences with the pre-bent flashing and valleys, Permanent Roofing Systems found that installation time was reduced by as much as 20%-40%. Dealers and homeowners will save substantially by ordering directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the middleman and trips to the neighbourhood hardware store for materials.


Homeowners wishing to install the PRS "Easy-Install System" themselves can order directly from the manufacturer. PRS's do it yourself metal roofing system comes with comprehensive measuring instructions and order form which they can use to price their own roofs.

An estimated 20% of all homeowners choose to re-roof their own homes.

Doesn't your home deserve the best roof? The answer is our do it yourself metal roofing system.

If you can use a hammer, snips
and utility knife you can do it!

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