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As a metal roof manufacturer we understand that "A superior roofer needs superior products" Join our elite team of metal roofing distributors, dealers and roofers.

Great opportunity for new Dealer/Installers in Eastern Canada.

Permanent Roofing Systems is searching for excellence and is in need of truthful, dedicated, and reliable dealer/installers who can explain the features and benefits of the PRS aluminum roofing system to prospective customers and then deliver these benefits to them.

If honesty and integrity are words you live by, and your goal is to offer homeowners a great product then we want to talk to you.

You will learn why a properly installed PRS roof will last well beyond the 50 year warranty.

We will teach you how “The PRS System” with its patented designs protects the areas of the roof that other products ignore.

You will be proud to show new customers the many examples of your work and problem free installations.

If you are comfortable with educating and then delivering to homeowners a quality product at a fair price, then e-mail or call 1-800-367-9477.

We are passionate about our system and offer in factory training for “new dealer” installation and sales crews. We work with our dealer/installers to ensure customer satisfaction, both theirs and the end-user customer.

Opportunity Knocks

In every business, there is a time when something revolutionary happens.

In the roofing business, that event is the introduction of aluminum roofing shingles. Homeowners can now have a superior roof at an affordable price. In fact, with an aluminum roof they will never have to re-roof again. So, in the long run a top quality aluminum roof costs far less than an asphalt one. Better looks, better value, and a better roof.

The smart roofer will read the writing on the wall and realize that homeowners are now demanding better value for their money. They want a roof that looks better and lasts longer.

Permanent Roofing Systems is the manufacturer of just such a product.

Our aluminum shingles are beautiful, easy to install, lightweight and last a lifetime.


Buy direct from the metal roof manufacturer
PRS offers dealers the chance to buy directly from the manufacturer saving the cost of a middleman.
Our quality far exceeds that of the old-fashioned asphalt shingles.

Simple marketing
The clean lines and superior appearance of our residential metal roofing makes it stand out from surrounding homes. A simple lawn sign and word-of-mouth referrals from happy buyers will bring in many new customers.

Dealers carefully selected
We will sell only to dealers who have a good record of customer service or have undergone training in the PRS installation methods.

The number of dealers are restricted to provide an adequate market base - with many areas having only one dealer.
(No building suppliers - thank you).

Act fast
Because of the limited number of dealerships available, if you are interested in our offer, we suggest that you submit the online application right away. The application initiates the dealer certification process.

Getting started
Once your application is accepted, the following takes place:

  • sign the dealer contract
  • purchase a starting kit with samples, brochures and manuals
  • book date for training
  • make sales

For those of you who recognize that this is an opportunity to ride the wave of the future, we urge you not to wait and risk being left out. Email us your application today!

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Exclusive Dealerships Available
For a fee (depending on size of area) a dealer may obtain an exclusive location.

For information on the fee for your area,
contact us at 1-800-367-9477.

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