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Great Opportunity for Dealers/InstallersOur residential metal roofing using four way interlocking aluminum shingles is design and engineered to simplify your life with a maintenance free aluminum roof!

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Permanent Roofing Systems is a metal roof manufacturer who designs and manufactures metal roofing systems using aluminum shingles. We offer a do it yourself metal roofing system and are looking for residential metal roofing distributors / dealers in areas of the US and Canada.

  • Aluminum shingles provide durability
  • Aluminum roofing maintains it's attractive appearance
  • Residential metal roofing provides lasting value

Our residential metal roofing products are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, and reward their owners with years of maintenance-free service.

Roofing problems such as damage by:

  • wind
  • insects
  • rotting and environmental pollutants
  • water penetration due to shingle tearing or shake slitting
  • excessive roof loads due to snow and ice buildup,

are all avoided by the use of PRS aluminum roofing products.

The PRS aluminum shingles interlock into each other on all four sides, forming a strong and weather-resistant surface. Aluminum roofing naturally does not rust, and does not need the elaborate paint systems that steel coil requires to forestall rusting. The paint adhesion to the aluminum shingle is ensured through the three-stage painting process, with the final coat being baked onto the aluminum sheet. Finally, the aluminum is embossed with a stucco pattern to give the material excellent resistance to indentation and local deformation.

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